Custom Orders



Custom orders start at $70 per piece and increase in price based on design time, size, material and number of pendants.

Custom orders take 2-4 weeks depending on the item.

There is no discount for providing your own flowers. You are responsible for mailing your flowers to me. Once I’ve received your flowers, production time is 2-4 weeks. I reserve the right to decline the order if I don’t feel the flowers you’ve provided me with will work for the piece. In this case, I will return your flowers to you via letter mail (or expedited mail at the customer’s expense).

Custom orders cannot be refunded or exchanged regardless of reason.

I reserve the right to reproduce my custom designs if appropriate.

I may display photos of custom pieces on social media or on my website. Please notify me if you would not like photos of your piece posted.

I may decline orders or specific requests at my own discretion. As an artist pieces must reflect my standard of design, quality and aesthetic. Depending on the colour option the custom chooses, a variety or combination of flowers in those colours will be included in the piece.


Red: Autumn leaves, dyed queen anne's lace, sorrel

Orange: Autumn leaves, biden flowers

Yellow: calendula, daisies, yellow kale flowers, yellow clover, buttercups

Blue: forget me nots, bluebells, vetch

Green: cannabis leaves, nerve plant leaves

Purple: statice, limonium, lily, clover, chives, aster daisy, viola, violet, alyssum

Pink: larkspur, wild Alberta roses, bleeding heart

White: queen anne's lace, baby's breath, daisy, yarrow, strawberry flower, lily of the valley

If you have a specific question regarding custom orders, please fill out the below form and I'll get back to you within 3 business days.